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Dear Readers,

Maybe, the most beautiful piece of art is music. It is the melodic life that begins inside a mother’s womb, an integral part of human nature. Music is the most beautiful common ground that brings people together.
The geography we live in has hosted a deep-rooted music history. At the same time, the states and the heads of these states also made a considerable amount of contribution to music. Especially during the periods of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic, the interest of the statesmen in music and some of them being seriously engaged in music, have ensured that this branch of art is supported and brought into the present with a unique richness. Thus, numerous musicians have created invaluable works of art. It is our duty of loyalty to our history to preserve these works of art, tell their value and transfer them to future generations.
On each page you will going to read, we have strived to establish a bridge between the fascinating mystery of the musical history and the colors of our day built on this deep-rooted history. Our magazine is prepared in both Turkish and English in order to contribute to its goal of telling the universal characteristic of the Turkish music to the whole world.
This is the magazine of all who set their hearts on music.

Very truly yours.

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