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Sinafi Trio 

We have hosted in our magazine, the Sinafi Trio, a band of music formed by three valuable musicians. We wrote about their achievements and the underlying factors for you.

Fotini came to Istanbul as an Erasmus exchange student; Marina came to find a job, and Elena wanted to enjoy Istanbul. What brought these three musicians together in Istanbul in 2014 was music.

They named their band as “sinafi”, which means "artisan" in Arabic. They played Istanbul music for the people of Istanbul. Songs about love, break ups, nostalgia and joy…Also songs from Aegean Region, Thrace and Anatolia…

At first they had to endeavor hard to suppress the noise of the crowded hall, but in a short time they noticed that the listeners were silencing each other and starting to listen to them. The venue of their performance each Sunday has soon become an atmosphere where people tried to find a place and were all ears.