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"Even good speaking and good writing people cannot easily tell Selahattin Pınar" says Sadun Aksüt in a leaflet prepared for Selahattin Pınar album by Kalan Music. We understood how much Sadun Aksüt was right when we started to write about Selahattin Pınar. Thanks to his granddaughter Özlem Pınar, we have the honor of writing about this great composer, Selahattin Pınar.


Pınar, you live in Balıkesir, you did not break our heart for this interview and came to Istanbul. We could have done the interview in Balikesir, but Selahattin Pınar, an Istanbul Gentleman, who never compromises his Istanbul style in his compositions, could be told best in Istanbul. Thank you again.


Lots of words has been said and written about Selahattin Pınar. His artistic personality, his private life has been told often. But let's listen to his story of life and music from you.


If I would have a slightest contribution in telling about Selahattin Pınar, I would be very glad. I thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I learned the family life of Selahattin Pınar from my father. And I learned his artistic life and his private life before my grandmother mostly from press, music books, and documentaries about him.

My grandfather is the son of a former deputy and kadi (nowadays judge) Mr. Sadık and Mrs. İsmet. He was born in 1902 in Istanbul. His first music teacher was his mother and she taught him playing lute. In spite of his father's objections, he left Italian Commerce School, and devoted himself to music. At last, he had to leave his home because of the oppressions of his father, who wanted him to be a lawyer just like himself. 

I do not know where he lived afterwards, but in that period, he had become one of the founders of “Darü’l-Feyz-i Mûsıki”, which is currently known as “Üsküdar Musiki Cemiyeti (Üsküdar Music School)”.