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Germany which was devastated to a great extent during the Second World War took action for restructuring itself in the post war period and invited the citizens of many foreign countries, including Turkey, for using their labor. A labor recruitment agreement was signed between Turkey and Germany in the city of Berlin on October 13th 1961. After this agreement, 2500 Turks immigrated to Germany and the number of Turks living in Germany has reached approximately 3 million together with the third generation today.

The highest number of Turks who settled outside their homeland lives in Germany and many invaluable scientists, industrialists, tourism professionals, sportsmen and especially artists have been brought up among them. Those who have left their homeland have taken along their music like many other cultural assets to a country thousand kilometers away.

If we had not made this trip to Berlin and see everything on site it would have been difficult for us to believe that Turkish music was so much loved in Germany and performed as well as in Turkey. There are approximately 10 choirs performing Turkish music in Berlin and the oldest one is the Choir of the Classical Turkish Music Association in Berlin.

Classical Turkish Music Association of Berlin was our first stop in Berlin. We had a very cheerful and useful conversation with the officers of the association who extended a very warm welcome to us. We asked questions about the Turkish music activities in Germany to the members of the choir who worked under the chief Selahattin Doğan.