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''Do not be sad about a mother of pearl with a broken crust

because there is pearl in it.”''

Mevlana Celalettin Rumi


Dr. Niko Andrikos’s album titled “Sedef” (mother of pearl), released by Kalan Music  met with the music lovers. The works in the album were composed by Dr. Niko Andrikos who was born in the Island of Mytilene and educated in Istanbul. The compositions were made in the verbal forms like Song, Canto and Gazelle and in the instrumental forms like Saz Semaisi and Improvisation all of which belong to the Ottoman Music in terms of form, style and attitude. The lyrics  of the songs with  Turkish lyrics were written by Asya Arslantaş and Fulya Özlem and the lyrics of those with Greek lyrics by Teodora Vuça. “Sedef” is a continuation of the first album of Dr. Niko Andrikos released with the title “Motivation” in 2014 and contained compositions in the style of Saz Semaisi, Zeibek and Traditional Dance Music.        


Niko Andrikos expresses his view about the Ottoman Music in the preface of his album as follows:  

“Both as a mısician and a musicologist I believe that the modal Ottoman Music still maintains its liveliness in the comtemporary age. This livelyness is not limitied to the performance of old works of music but continues with the creation of new works of music  inspired by that rich ancient culture at the same time. In that respect, my approach to the Ottoman Music is not to regard it only as a historical kind of music that belongs to the past but as one that offers strong forms of expression for the future at the same time. For that reason I think that the subject of ”composing” has a very important place for the future of the Ottoman Music”.    


The kemancha player from TRT, Derya Türkan made a significant contribution to this album as she did in the previous album of the composer. Qanun player Serkan Halili and Yorgo Psaltis are also among those who contributed to the release of the album. Niko Andrikos participated in the performance of his compositions with lavta, tanbur and his own voice.