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At first glance, it sounded like an interesting title to us: "Environmentalist Music." How could the music be environmentalist? It may well be with the magnificent project of Şafak Velioğlu. Şafak has started a colorful work with the children, taking into consideration the importance of getting environmental awareness at an earlier age. We asked him about the details of his beautiful work on music and the environment.

Şafak, what is the purpose of the project?

I named my project "Recycling and Rhythm Workshop". The project aims to raise the environmental awareness of children (new generations), especially in terms of waste, through an artistic study and to put them into action in this regard. In fact, the most motivating part of such a study for me was the fact that it had a main theme that could accommodate many of my fields of interests and personal sensitivities. For me, it was the most attractive part of the study to have the privilege of working with children as well as my passion for nature and especially the geography of Eastern Black Sea. So the main purpose of the Project was to contain music and recycling within the nature, within the natural environments and living spaces of the children. I did not have hard time at all by involving my different interests and friends into this project which is developing every year.