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Queen of Turkish Music

Nesrin Sipahi

Interview by: Sezen Cin Özdemir


First I noticed the red carpet laid on the stairs when the door of the historic apartment building in Teşvikiye opened. Before I could ask "do they still do that?", I noticed the historic elevator installed in the stairwell. I felt like I was traveling in time. It was as if somebody had taken me to old Istanbul. My excitement increased with every step up the stairs. The apartment door opened and there she was... One of the most graceful women in the world was looking at me with a sweet smile. Yes, it was one of the most special days of my life. She invited me to the living room. Every inch of the house was tastefully decorated, full of memories, with pictures on every wall depicting their stories.

I did not know where to begin. I had thousands of questions to ask, but I forgot them all when I saw her. Thank God for the interruption by tea service and exchange of pleasantries. She handed everyone in the living room one by one the embroidered napkins she took out from the drawer.

Then we started chatting, which made me forget about time. As she spoke, everyone in the living room of the museum-like house almost began breathing more quietly not to miss even one word coming out of her mouth.