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Fulya Özlem and “MANİDAR BOŞLUK”

Interview Reşad Çiçek


Fulya Özlem’s third album, Mânidar Boşluk, i.e. The Conspicous Abyss, has just been released. Before talking about her new album, we would like to introduce her musical background to you: Fulya Özlem was born in Istanbul and she started music at eight years old playing Turkish Classical Music on the violin.She studied Philosophy at the Boğaziçi University and later got an M.A Degree in the same department. Between 2000 and 2002 she performed Irish, Scottish and English folk music living in Britan and Ireland. In 2007 she went to Buenos Aires where she took Tango singing classes from Sonia Ursiniand where she had her first encounter with the Argentinian folk music. Her first solo album comprised of her own compositions Fulya-Buz Kraliçesi was released in 2007. Between 2008 and 2012 she lived in Berlin for her PhD and musical performances where she formed Fulya Özlem Band and gave many concerts and festival performances. In 2015, her second solo album Fulya Özlem-Alba, comprised of her bilingual songs making a fusion of South American and Turkish music, was released. 


Fulya Özlem, still continues her PhD at the State Conservatory of Turkish Classical Music working on her dissertation on Gazels. Apart from her own songs, she performs Folk, South American folclore, Bossa Nova, Irish Music, Tango, Spanish and French Renaissance Music, Urban Folk Songs, Turkish Classical Music, Rembetiko and Sephardic songs. She also works as an interpreter in the languages of English, Spanish, German, French and Greek.