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Melda Kuyucu Kılıç

Interview by: Çiğdem Okuyucu


In this issue, our guest is Melda Kuyucu Kılıç, a virtuous artist who spends her art and most productive years for the benefit of our children, the architects of our future.


With her amazing campaign named "Her Nota Bir Kitap Olsun", Kılıç aims to deliver old and used books in the homes of music lovers to the children at village schools. We asked her about the details and objectives of her project.


Art reaches a value worth mentioning when it provides benefit for large masses, not for a particular class. Lev Tolstoy


We expect our music lovers to bring with them the books they want to donate. These books will be sent to  to our children studying in village schools in need.


The notes in our songs will transform into Orhan Kemal, Ömer Seyfettin, Yaşar Kemal, Dostoyevski, Tolstoy, Orhan Veli, and many more, and our children will be enlightened by their light.