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Canan Uzerli

Interview by: Çiğdem Okuyucu


Daughter to a German mother and Turkish father, Canan Uzerli was raised as bilingual and bicultural. She started to sing at a young age, and her talent was noticed by her family and friends. She lived her first stage experience during high school. She came to Istanbul in 2002 to give German and English courses, where she had the chance to learn about the Turkish culture better. In 2003, she returned to Hamburg to study Turcology. In 2005, she came in first in the jazz songs competition held in Kassel Piano Bar Caruso. During the same period, she started attending the Hamburg School of Music. She sang Turkish Art Music works under the scope of the projects she prepared together with Telat Yurtsever, a stage manager from Hamburg, and Turan Vurgun, a qanun artist, whom she met in 2005. She continued her music education at the Turkish Music Conservatory of Berlin with the great teacher and oud player Nuri Karademirli from 2009 until the death of her teacher in 2013.

Canan Uzerli talked about her rich musical journey from jazz to Turkish music, which started as a bilingual and bicultural artist with two nationalities, and the album "İçten Gelen Ses" she created for her listeners with great efforts.

The lyrics of all my songs are in Turkish, because my heart and soul can express themselves in a more special way when I sing in Turkish.