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The world has never seen such a union. The language of the oldest and most majestic lands of the history united with the language of again the oldest and broadest lands.


Interview by: İlknur Kaptan


Had the Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland[1] ever dreamed that the words of Mevlana (Rumi) and Yunus Emre would echo on the walls of the acoustic-wonder building he built near Oslo in 1926, to store his works? We don't know. However, there is a common culture that brings together the values which serve humanity wherever in the world: Music.


In this issue, we host an artist who carried the ancient culture of Anatolia to every corner of the world. Coşkun Karademir is preparing for music lovers his new album "Endless Path" (Sonsuz Yol), every molecule of which is filled with efforts, near Oslo city of Norway, thousands of kilometers away from Anatolia.


He set his heart on music and the baglama instrument at a young age. He learned to play baglama before he learned to read, and drew his long path in music himself. He carried the legacy of a centuries old civilization to his music. He performed his art with a sincere loyalty and a sense of fidelity.


He was listed at the top of world music charts, received numerous awards, reached the hearts of millions in the world with his music regardless of language and religion. We asked him about the values he blended his art with, his projects and his companions.


[1] Emanuel Vigeland (1875-1948)