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Müzeyyen Senar musical theater represents a first in our country according to the musicals exhibited before. This one-man show tells the life of an artist, Müzeyyen Senar, for two hours. Before that, no musical theater was ever put on stage like that.

Şevval Sam, while revealing all the art life of the artist, performs especially her symbolized songs, without any sign of imitation.

The musical theater was prepared using my two biographical books; “Müzeyyen Senar’s Legend” and “Diva of the Republic Müzeyyen Senar”. Therefore, since the whole show is based only on facts, Şevval Sam is extremely successful in both playing on the stage and singing the songs. In particular, the accompanying musical ensemble, is just the same group that had accompanied Müzeyyen Senar, so that the performance brings the audiences to those years with Müzeyyen Senar. I would like to express my special thanks to Şevval Sam on her wonderful performance.

The musical was exhibited in many cities of our country and will continue to be exhibited. You should not miss this musical, which is completely different and contains extraordinary beauties.