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The date was showing 23th of April when our great composer was born in Üsküdar, Selimiye. He studied at the Ondokuzuncu Primary School, Paşakapısı Secondary School and Haydarpaşa High School in Selimiye. Prior to his career as a journalist, he served as a police officer between 1953 and 1955. For three years he undertook the supervision of the Akşam newspaper's art page. Between 1955 and 1967, he worked in the news service of Istanbul Radio. In 1967 he founded the "Anıl Broadcasting Agency" and directed the Dünya Newspaper's art page. He published the magazine “Music and Note”. His four-volume work under the name of "Musical Dictionary" covers precious memories for the history of music. He was not just a great composer, but also a master of important works who transferred our musical heritage to future generations.

Numerous articles have been written on Avni Anıl's life, compositions and art life. We would like to introduce the famous composer from a different perspective this time, from the view of one of his best composition, ‘the son Ezgi Anıl’.