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FAMI Music and Art Association with İkrami ÖZTURAN


The story of the success and sacrifice of the people who can say “we are different” in the wake of the gate opening-up to the art.


Think about a place; you leave all your problems even for a couple of hours  related to your own life including family, material and moral, like you leave them as a wet umbrella at the entrance door…Think about a workplace; serving the people from five to eighty years old age. Think about a social place; gathering all the people from different culture, education and social life from different professions and establishing an happy family. Think about a family; when a member of them does not appeal for a couple of days and the others worry about her/him and the unity is not provided.

What can provide all these? The art engagements can only provide all these. Where were all these activities conducted? These are FAMI Music and Art Association and its sister organization Neta Art which were established in 2015 by creating a huge success story in a very short of time. We, in this issue, host Mr.İkrami Özturan who is the founder of these art associations and a person behind this successful story.