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The project of Barabar music group has started a while ago by Serkan Keskin, Taner Ölmez and Fırat İkisivri that came together to make music. After the group continued to make music among themselves for a while, the Barabar project has been realized with the participation of music professionals Caner Malkoç, Cihan Tanrıverdi, Özgür Taş, Serkan Polat and Sibel Altan.


The group formed their own style by reorganizing the pieces of Turkish Folk music with the instruments and the basis of western music. The album which was recorded live by the group includes the songs of folk music: Feridem, Aman Of, Köprüden Geçti Gelin, Kanadım Değdi Sevdaya, Yürüyorum Dikenlerin Üstünde, Anam Ağlar Başucumda Oturur, Lingo Lingo Şişeler.


The single of the Barabar, Feridem, which was recorded at Serkan Keskin’s house in Şile has hit 1 million views just two weeks after its release as a live-broadcast on Youtube. 


A great deal of attention is still going on for the Barabar songs at Anonim Production Youtube channel with total of more than 3 million views.


The final episode of the TV series at Fox Turkey, “Kadın”, which stars Özge Özpirinçci, featured the piece “Yürüyorum Dikenlerin Üstünde” with the rendering of Barabar group.


The Barabar group’s album “Memleket Nerede” consists of 7 pieces which were all live-recorded.