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Ney in Ethno Jazz

Burcu Karadağ


Interview by İlknur Kaptan


“… “Ney in Ethno Jazz” is the second album by Burcu Karadağ. This is no ordinary fusion work though. Unlike heaps of album works as if forced into a record but resist mixing into each other like water and olive oil do, hers is an album made with masterfully united pieces borrowed from harmonies, motifs and improvisations of two realms. Four talented players gathering around the Ney Player Burcu Karadağ turn it into an advantage that they are from different cultural backgrounds, and in "Ney in Ethno Jazz", they playfully take the audience to a pleasant journey from east to west, past to present and even beyond the boundaries. Murat Beşer


Burcu Karadağ is the only female ney player who performs professionally on national and international music platforms. We talked about her latest album, her music and her works.