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Reported by Ramazan Çakmakcı


Bringing foreign publications to Turkish language becomes more of an issue with regards to the enrichment of Turkish cultural and thinking world. It has also importance on Turkish youth to make them understand better the World surrounding them, to see and comprehend different perspectives which contribute to their perceptions.


In fact, translation work is to rethink and to rewrite in Turkish. In this sense, it is not just a mechanical change of the words, which becomes a familiar issue for everyone in the culture world.


For our magazine we had an interview with Deniz Öztok, who is an experienced translation in the field of arts. Deniz Öztok gave this very precious effort with the belief that the foreign publications in the field of music will be a great contribution to the Turkish music world and to the next generations.


Born in 1969 in Istanbul, Deniz Öztok graduated from İzmir Bornova Anatolian High School and received her BA degree in Economics from Marmara University in Istanbul. For twenty years, she worked at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Turkey) and became part of the senior management team. After being retired, she continued her career as a translator and editor for various publishing houses. She has translated more than twenty books into English from English. In recent years she has concentrated especially on the translation of art books into Turkish.