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Eda Karaytuğ


Interview by İlknur Kaptan


As a classical Turkish music artist, Eda Karaytuğ gave a concert named Hoş Sada at Zorlu PSM in collaboration with TRT Müzik, and TRT Istanbul Radio. She sang different forms of songs from ballads to gazelle, folk songs to free-rhythm melodies to the music enthusiasts.


Well-known artist Cihan Okan appeared as a guest star at the concert where Eda Karaytuğ sang different forms of songs from different cultures. The musician took the audience to an admirable journey of cultures.


With her recently released maxi single Aşka Sevdalanma, Eda Karaytuğ also presents a piece whose lyrics were written by Fuzuli, and composed by Seher Çelik.


Accepting to give an interview before her concert and  kind enough to receive us  at the backstage, the  musician talked about her new maxi single Aşka Sevdalanma, and music in general, which, we believe, you will be reading with great interest.