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Esra Üçcan was born outside of Turkey and spent a substantial part of her life in France, due to the fact that her father was a Turkish Diplomat. She studied architecture at the Strasbourg National School of Architecture. She had piano education at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg during the same period. She studied in Spain for a year and began to work as an architect in France after her graduation. She composed her first musical piece when she was eleven; her very first song at twelve.  She carried on making music and playing piano while working as an architect. She played in a rock band while she was attending high school at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Ankara. She recorded her first acoustic piano album at Bilkent University's Concert Hall in 2005. She shared her album on independent music platforms. In 2012, she decided to play, sing, record and release her own songs. In order to achieve this goal, she returned to Turkey, where she still continues her work on music. Also composing symphonic pieces, Üçcan released her first single, Hanım Kız, in 2017. This is how she literally penetrated through the music market.