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An Examplary Success Story




They were assigned from different parts of Turkey and their path crossed at the ancient city of Anatolia, Kastamonu. We are presenting the success story of five precious music teachers, Güray Soğancı, Sedat Uçan, Zeynep Yaprak, Samet Çetiner, Sefa Karamehmet and their brilliant students.


These valuable people of education and music, who had started teaching in Kastamonu eight years ago, decided not to complain about the lack of art activities in the city, but rather to carry out these activities. In the meantime, the teachers who want to bring our traditional music and young generation together gave life to the melodies of Anatolian culture with the community they call “Şehr-i Dilara”.


What you will read soon is the story of Şehr-i Dilara, which offers monthly concerts to 130,000 inhabitants of the city in a short time, bring the important artists of Turkish music together with Kastamonu listeners, carries on studies with the Turkish Music Choir they have established at the level of the conservatory, introduces music to small hearts with the children's choir, trains the young people to be eligible to attend the country's most popular conservatories.