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The adventure started with “Dünden Yarına” and “Bezginin Gizli Mektuplarıyla”, is going on with two wonderful albums of İlhan İrem. The first album of “The Best of İlhan İrem” series, “Sevgililer Günü” in a record format, was released with the album “Koridor”. 


The albums, which will make İlhan İrem’s fans of all ages happy and will open new windows to the music lovers who have not heard yet his magnificiant voice, are now available for you with the label of Universal Müzik Türkiye.


Koridor is one of the artist’s cult albums which took İlhan İrem eight years to write and record. It stands for the manifesto of all his tellings. A new musical means a focus rather than a milestone. While the works of the artist until the year 1994 reach “Koridor”, his subsequent performances include the getting out the corridor and facing the light and love.


The continuation of “Koridor” is another cult work: “Seni Seviyorum” album. İlhan İrem, with his words, “completely defeated the gravity and reached his heaven”.


Cumhur Canbazoğlu in Cumhuriyet Newspaper have written the followings on the first album, “Sevgililer Günü”, of The Best of İlhan İrem series in 1995; “Sevgililer Günü stands for a good opportunity to remember or discover what the artist has done by walking in his own way insistently since 1973.”


We wish that İrem’s efforts to re-market his past works serve as a good model for the other artists. Knowing what was done in the past and building a bridge between today and the future are of great importance especially for our country which has a young population.