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Award from Italy to ITU Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Jerfi Aji


The faculty member of Istanbul Technical University, Dr. Erol Üçer Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (MİAM) and a concert pianist Jerfi Aji, returned back with a reward from the piano contest in Italy. Assoc. Dr. Jerfi Aji will perform for one of the leading record companies Vermeer and the CDs will be released world-wide.


Assoc. Dr. Jerfi Aji succeeded to be one of the three finalist awarded in the Sicily International Piano Contest that was held in Catania, Italy on January 24-25.  The contest was held at two stages and the jury was chaired by the doyen pianist Leslie Howard. Aji achieved to become one of the first six of the 15 contestants performing works from Bach and Debussy on the first day. He was rewarded with interpretation of works from Ravel and Scriabin at the final stage held on January 25.