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Mother Birgül, and father Alpaslan, who settle down in the Netherlands, name their baby daughter Karsu after their home village... You are about to hear a nice story that starts in the southernmost corner of Anatolia. This is a story of Karsu...


The Netherland - American Trust Organization invites Karsu for a concert at the Carnegie Hall concert hall in New York. This is how her career takes a new turn.


Karsu takes part in a contest held by the Trust in Concertgebouw/Amsterdam, becomes the one of the five and last winner out of 14 participants, and is entitled to go to the Carnegie Hall. After that she performs at the grand hall of the Carnegie for the 400th anniversary of the Netherlands-New York affairs. Her third performance at the hall is for the release of her album Confession. Karsu documentary -released under the name of 'I Hide A Secret'- is shown at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam the same year. Coming to the fore on the Dutch media all of a sudden, Karsu gives concerts in the States, Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, Surinam, Monte Carlo, Macedonia, Morocco, Greece, the U.K., Brazil, and Turkey.


As a pianist, composer, arranger and lyricist, she has written and composed almost all of the songs for her first studio album, Confession, and for her latest album, Colors, released in 2012 and 2015 respectively. The album Colors is very well received with an Edison award in The Best Jazz / World Audience category in 2016.


As a widely-acclaimed Dutch musician with Turkish-roots, Karsu receives widespread attention from the Turkish media.  She appears at Şeffaf Oda, a TV show hosted by Güneri Civaoğlu. Since then, she gets a lot of attention also in Turkey.


As an internationally-recognized artist, Karsu, together with her team, goes on a world tour, “From New York to Istanbul”, in 2014-2015.


In May 2015, accompanied by Candan Erçetin, and Kardeş Türküler, Karsu appears at the opening concert at The Holland Festivals. It is an excellent and super-pleasing as a concert as De Volkskrant, a Dutch daily newspaper, puts it: "As Karsu in her pink dress shows up behind the piano, the concert took wings, gently lingering in the air, so to speak. She welcomed the audience in Chopin's tunes and smoothly continued with the Turkish melodies. Simply said, she revealed the power of her musical talent. When singing ‘Divane Âşık Gibi’, she truly touches on every single tune, so one clearly feels and absorbs that emotion even if he has no idea about the lyrics in Turkish. As a real soloist, Karsu goes beyond the boundaries of her team and grows prodigiously on stage…”