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Cafe Aman Istanbul

Stelyo Berber & Pelin Suer


Interview: Ramazan Çakmakcı


Cafe Aman Istanbul was co-founded by Stelyo Berber and Pelin Suer in 2009. The band proudly presents the rich, historical and multicultural musical tradition of Anatolia and the nearby geographies, and substantially Turkish and Greek songs of the tradition. Debut album, Fasl-ı Rembetiko, was released by Kalan Muzik in Turkey in 2012 and by EMI in Greek. At live performance and concerts where music and dance naturally and effortlessly run complementary to each other as two remarkable elements, Cafe Aman Istanbul works with Horokos dance troupe led by Petros Mastoros.


Having performed at more than two hundred concerts and shows, the band also took part at a number of international festivals. Just to name some of them: Traversées Tatihou Festival (Paris), La Manche Todo Mundo Festival, Dom Omladin (Belgrad), World Music Expo 2012 (Thessaloniki), Forde Traditional and World Music Festival (Norway), Istanbul Expres, De Centrale, Gent (Brussels), 3. Gençlik Festivali (Athens), 360 Istanbul Festival, Genk (Brussels). In addition, they appeared at festivals organised at various concert halls in Istanbul, namely, Tim Maslak Show Center, Kuruçeşme Arena, Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open-air Theatre as well as festivals at different cities.


Supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture Directorate General for Copyrights, Cafe Aman Istanbul represented Turkey at Womex 2012 International Ethnic Music Fair, and the band had a European tour after the Showcase that covered Paris, Slovakia, Brussels, Belgrade and Norway.


Last but not least, the band performed a magnificent concert at Megaron, the famous acoustic hallway in the Athens. At this issue, Cafe Aman Istanbul is our guest, telling us about their work, concerts and Istanbul city music.