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Although some sources says that it was invented by Farâbî or Ibn Hallegan, it is a fact that this magnificent instrument has much older roots. It is difficult to make a definite claim on that because musical instruments are born and developed with people. From the oldest sources mentioning their name, an approximate idea about the age at which they might have been born can be obtained. Kanun, as a prototype of the instruments which have been developed in the West, first as Epinet, then Harpsikord, then Org, and finaly the Piano, is suitable to express all kinds of emotion with its bright sound. Kanuns drawn among the musical instruments by the painter J.E.Liotard, who was in Istanbul and Izmir between the years 1738-1742 and examined the life of the Ottoman palace, were a living document showing that this instrument was used in the 18th century (Tahir Aydoğdu).


Luthier İbrahim Avcı, who gives life to the common instrument of many cultures, Kanun, came up with very valuable explanations about the historical process, fabrication, properties and maintenance of a good Kanun.