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Mehmet Evren Hacıoğlu


Mehmet Evren Hacıoğlu was born in Istanbul in 1982. Having graduated from the Faculty of Arts & Design at Yıldız Technical University in 2005, he worked with Mehmet Erenler, Erol Parlak, and Okan Murat Öztürk on baglama, in addition to many other folk artists of Anatolia that made great contributions to music as a discipline of art. Having adopted traditional styles of playing when performing on baglama group instruments, Hacıoğlu produced three albums, namely, “Dâmen / Gönül Sevdiğinden Usandı", "Kışlar Lâl Oldu", and "Bir Güzelden Yâdigardır Bu Sevda”. Hacıoğlu is a saz artist at State Turkish Folk Music Choir of Istanbul, and also holds office as an academic instructor at the Faculty of Arts & Design at Yıldız Technical University. The artist still works on traditional techniques and styles of playing baglama. In our interview, we had the chance to ask questions about his album, “Bir Güzelden Yadigârdır Bu Sevda”.