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The musical pieces awarded at the 2nd National Composition Contest organized by the Kadıköy Municipality Süreyya Opera House were released in the music markets and digital platforms with the album “5 Composers 5 Suites”.


The works of the composers in the form of suites which were awarded at the 2nd National Composition Contest organized by the Kadıköy Municipality Süreyya Opera, a significant contributer to the music life of İstanbul and our country, were released by Lila Music with the supports of Kadıköy Municipality under the title of “5 Composers 5 Suites”.


Kadikoy Municipality Sureyya Opera was organized for the second time this year with the purpose of enriching the music repertoire and encouraging young Turkish composers. Works composed by the invitees under the age of 35 were interpreted by Istanbul Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra under the supervision of Gürer Aykal.


The compositions were evaluated by a jury composed of leading figures in the classical music world of Turkey. In the jury, conductor Gürer Aykal, composer Oğuzhan Balcı, composer Turgay Erdener, conductor Rengim Gökmen and Antonio Pirolli, composer-musicologist and music theorist Yalçın Tura and composer Hasan Uçarsu took part.


The final night of the competition was held open to the public with the participation of the audience. The jury has awarded the “Sinfonietta for the Chamber Orchestra” which was dedicated to Onur Arınç Duran’s teacher Mummare Sun with the first place, Baran Doğaç Ünal’s “Sinfonietta for the Chamber Orchestra” with second, M. Burak Soykan’s “Sinfonietta” with third, Artun Hoinic’s “Sinfonietta” with honorable mention and Salih Kartal’s “Sinfonietta in D” with the Special Audience awards. The composers themselves wrote about the works in the album's booklet. While the mastering of the album was made by Can Aykal, the photograpy was organized by Emre Başak and CD design was made by Gözde Oral.


The album “5 Composer 5 Suites”, which was published by Kadıköy Municipality as an important cultural service for our music world, can be found in music markets and digital platforms.