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The sister of Prof. Beşiroğlu, who passed away on May 26th, 2017, has granted hundreds of books, notebooks, handwritten musical notes, instruments, and a collection comprising an archive of CDs&DVDs to ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory Prof. Ercümend Berker and Prof. Ş. Şehvar Beşiroğlu Library Arhcive and Documentation Center.


She is one of the greatest members of ITU family. She had a rare personality who digested the science and the artistry in the same way. She had an enterprising and innovative personality that nourished musically from roots alongside her academic standing. She was full of joy, always cheerful, emitting a positive energy to her environment and never tired of working. It has a particular importance for us that the memories of our esteemed teacher will be maintained within the body of ITU TMDK. I hope that all these works here will be an important source for our academicians, students and young colleagues. Prof. Mehmet Karaca, ITU Rector


Şehvar Beşiroğlu was the lecturer in ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, Musicology Department. She was one of the few academic people I have observed in a most tangible way for her institutional fidelity and loyalty. She was the follower of Yalçın Tura, the contrary theorist of the Turkish Makam Music, which provided the establishment of the department despite various obstacles. Şehvar Beşiroğlu became the head of the department after Tura; took over his room; but she tried to be a fair director, adding her name without removing the predecessor’s from the door. This attitude is a good symbol, adopted particularly by Şehvar Beşiroğlu and generally by Turkish Music State Conservatory, outlining the respect to the founders, the effort to maintain the  lineage, and (as a motto embraced by ITU) working hard principally to be modern for centuries. At the distinguished Turkish universities that are unfortunately recognized just by the nameplates rather than their productiveness, if we consider reserving the name of the former head of the department while there exist some instructors who are pulling guns on each other, we should salute the ITU Conservatory's responsibility to take care of the inheritance which is the source of its existence. In her every academic and artistic activities, she was the one who mentioned not only her teachers, but also the tradition of a whole Turkish Maqam Music and believed that no serious innovation could be made without historical background. With this approach, she became a model to many young artists and scientists. A significant part of Şehvar Beşiroğlu's musicological research has focused on the phenomenon of social gender. Reflecting the attitude of conscious women in life to scientific researches, she issued different studies covering the women's place in the Ottoman music world, women musicians and the formation of social gender through music...”To exist in the image: following Şehvar Beşiroğlu”... Prof. Dr. Ali Ergur


In a congress held at Uludağ University in September 2016, while inviting Prof. Beşiroğlu to the lectern to give her speech, Martin Stokes introduced her as “ the world is small but her reputation is huge” and there was a big applause in the hall. The impressive crowd at the ITU was indeed a manifestation of her solid friendship with people, and her love and care that she had never deprived her students of. In a cultural geography which is known for its rudeness against its values, Prof. Beşiroğlu had managed to get rid of this bad fortune with her colorful and respectable personality and the impression that she had left behind in academia and art. It is certain from now on that she will continue to live in the memories of her students and friends with her works and the students she educated. “A Teacher with Bright Face, Making Life and Music Meaningful; After Şehvar Beşiroğlu”...Namık Sinan Turan


As Makam Music Magazine, we once again express our gratitude to her. May she rest in peace.