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The Borusan Children's Choir (BÇK) which was established in November 2002 under the direction of conductor Gülsen Yavuzkal, consists of chorist children aged between 9 and 14. Borusan Children's Choir, which has given countless concerts in the national and children's festivals, special events and organizations, performs the children songs in their original language polyphonically with their repertoire of different cultures.


Borusan Children's Choir, since its establishment, performed in various concerts with the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Choir, the State Polyphonic Choir of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Slovak Philharmonic Chorus and the Choir of the Academy of Santa Cecilia as a part of Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra's season concerts under the directorship of Gürer Aykal and Sascha Goetzel.


Involved in various projects with the children’s choirs of Finland Pori-Palmgren Conservatory, Vienna Superar, South Korea Gyeongju, Koruncuk Foundation and EMC (International Music Council), BÇK gave many concerts every year in different venues and was praised by the international platforms for its successful performance.


Since the establishment of the Borusan Children's Choir, esteemed artist Gülsen Yavuzkal has carried out the directorship. Yavuzkal has begun her music career at an early age with her piano and choral education. After graduating from Marmara University, AEF Music Department, she has received voice training lessons from the vocal coach Prof. Yıldız Dağdelen at the Istanbul University State Conservatory. She has performed studies on choral education in various public schools, private schools and universities.


She has worked with Prof. Fritz ter Wey and important choir directors on choral education and strategies, and given concerts in the International Choir of the Foundation Vox Europae where she had been admitted with an exam.   


Yavuzkal has performed studies on “choral education and management” with chorus director Szabó Dénes at Prof. Rodney Eichenberger (USA), Wim van Herk (Holland) and Hungary-Cantemus Koral Institutes; on “children's choirs management” with Elisenda Carrasco (Spain), Zimfira Poloz (Canada) and Hirvo Surva (Estonia); on “voice and breathing techniques in choir education” with Panda Van Proosdij (The Netherlands) and on “choir in popular music” with Jonathan Rathbone, music director and editor of Swingle Singers. She has presented her works on “Baroque and Renaissance era choral music compositions” in a CD recorded with her group.


A member of the Vox Europae International Foundation, Gülsen Yavuzkal, is also the founding director of the Koral İstanbul, Turquoise and International Children's Peace Choir, as well as BÇK and continues her work and concerts both at home and abroad.


Gülsen Yavuzkal, answered our questions on the Borusan Children's Choir activities, children's music education and the importance of children's choirs.