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The Iranian artist Homayoun Shajarian (Hümayun Şeceryan), known as a terrific throat singer, met with music lovers of Istanbul for the first time in CRR at Istanbul 1st International Folk Music Festival on the evening of December 3. At the concert, Shajarian took the stage with the musicians Tahmoures ve Sohrab Pournazeri.


Homayoun Shajarian, the son of one of the biggest voices of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shajarian, is a music man who carries the voice legacy from his family successfully. The artist has a remarkable number of audience in our country with his awesome throat performance and his charming voice.


It is important to hear well before singing well


Although he did not take any classical opera education, his voice training was formed with the exercises done with his father, his researches and the experience increased by time. According to Shajarian, every artist should know how many kinds of voices may come out of his throat. According to him there are different techniques. But the first rule is that the ear must hear very well in order to perform well and correctly without losing balance.


He has been voice training at mountains since he was 14.


The artist is doing his voice trainig at mountains. At the age of 14, when the houses which were used to be few and far between were replaced by apartment complexes, he left to mountains with his father. Shajarian claims that voice training is not possible in apartment houses where the subconscious feelings unavoidably drowns out the voice level. The best place for exercising is the mountain he says: Benefit of fresh air, the shortness of breath due to difficulty in climbing the mountain, again difficulty in exhaling due to the decrease of oxygen as you climb up... These are the positive factors that affect voice training. The most important aspect is; the ability to use the voice of a person on the mountain up to the last limit.


According to the artist, there must indeed be pieces of tradition at the substructure of music, but different colors should be added to the superstructure by time.