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Luthier Nebi

More Than A Luthier


The baglama family is made up of pick-instruments in the Turkish folk music. Primary instruments of the baglama family are baglama, cura, divan saz, dede saz, ruzba, three-string, bozuq, choghur, boulgari, two-string, tambura, and meydan saz.


Qopuz, an instrument from Central Asia is the ancient to baglama. Qopuz changed forms in the course of time and turn out to become the instrument as we call baglama today.  Even more developed in Anatolia, baglama instrument is made up of two main pieces, that's, a body and a neck. The body is manufactured in the form of a half pear, sheathed with a very fine wooden layer on top. Gradually thinning end of the body unites to the neck.


A distinguished luthier is our guest here. A lyricist, composer, saz player and a master, Nebi has great funds of knowledge that he shared with us on the baglama saz instrument.