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Interview: Beyza Sepin


A life blended with music.


Started with mandolin and block flute, which are the indispensable parts of every child's music education, her music adventure continued with the piano that her aunt, Selda Bağcan, bought for her and with singing in the Ankara Children's Choir founded by Muzaffer Arkan. Bağcan, under the spell of singing within a group at that age, realized the deep dimension of this spell in the TRT Ankara Polyphonic Youth Choir, which was run by Mustafa Apaydın and Feruzan Esmergül, and interiorised it, and regarded it as one of the most important rules of her life.


According to Serenad Bağcan; from smallest communities to large societies, there should be many voices everywhere. Every voice in the community has a role and importance. Whether we like or don't like the style of which the sound comes out, we accept the technique or not, but we are the individuals that make up a community. Although we seem to be separate, we combine into “ONE” at the end. We can breathe together at the same time, make the same nuance and end the breath at the same time. At those moments, the discrepancies are over and we have been a community that has a single heart.


After graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy, Bağcan started her professional life as an alto artist in the State Polyphonic choir of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


Bağcan studied classical western music for many years, and she also interpreted the works of Turkish folk music very successfully owing to her family's wide-perspective musical background. She created a unique style by synthesizing these two music types.


The artist, who has enjoyed singing in a group all through her life, was unaware that life was preparing for her a nice surprise. When Fazıl Say asked her in 2011 to interpret the songs he had composed 20 years ago, her journey of finding the magic of her own voice was added to the enchantment of singing with the ensemble. During this voyage, two albums of Fazıl Say - Serenad Bağcan, ”İlk Şarkılar” and “Yeni Şarkılar”, were born. Both albums received great acclaim.


Each person's voice carries different characteristics. The ingenuity of a good interpreter lies in his ability to impose the effects of his life and emotions over his voice.


We talked with Serenad Bağcan on her first solo album “Serenad”.