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An Approach to Composition,

Composers and Conductors in Today's Turkish Music



 Interview by İkrami Özturan


As a composer whose very first composition was recorded in 1966- when he was only 18, Turhan Taşan had 41 compositions in 136 different albums. 7 of his lyrics, which were composed by other composers, made their way to 17 different albums. 85 of his compositions are in TRT repertoire, he has 6 published books and 21 of them are ready for being published. A member of MESAM, and an honorary member of FAMİ, a Society of Music and Art, the famous composer still holds office as an executive producer at TRT Nağme for TRT Istanbul Radio.

We asked the composer Turhan Taşan about his precious opinions on compositions, composers and conductors in today's Turkish music.